Never has there been a period when time was more important to government healthcare construction projects. These projects need to be completed quickly with heavy oversight. Modular Resources fits the bill for both through its component construction concept and government project experience.

For example, when a U.S. Air Force base in the west had trouble finding a builder who could meet their tough timeline and tight budget for a new medical and dental clinic, they turned to our experienced team at Modular Resources. Within four months, the 4,100+ square foot facility was designed, built and opened for treating patients. The tough timeline and tight budget were met.

Modular Resources has assembled a very strong team with deep expertise in healthcare construction for government. Years of experience and insight are represented. The team understands the special requirements of a government project and is perfectly suited to introduce component construction concepts to all types of healthcare construction projects for the government: Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, Indian Health Service, Health and Human Services and state and local governments.


“It makes perfect sense. Component construction can produce quality facilities in a fraction of the time and costs of traditional approaches.”

Lt. General P.K. Carlton (retired)
Former USAF Surgeon General