Time and quality top the list of what makes us different. Simply put, we work faster without sacrificing quality. Time and time again, our experienced team has proven it. Organizations with tight timelines and tight budgets have learned that they can depend on Modular Resources to deliver.

Our process:

Over the years, our team has developed a process that allows us to quickly produce a high-quality healthcare construction product. There are five basic steps..


Our Process


Objectives: First, we work hard to understand the client’s objectives. Our careful listening and years of experience help.

Design: We then produce a design that meets the needs both functionally and aesthetically. We take into consideration our deep understanding of healthcare equipment and the special environments required. We make sure the design includes the look and feel the client wants.

Construction Begins/Foundation Laid: Then, we begin work on the building components in our climate and quality-controlled facilities in Tennessee. Our construction team is top-notch with years of experience and success. Only the highest-quality materials are used, including steel produced in the U.S. While construction is underway, the foundation is simultaneously laid at your site.

Transport: Our building components are particularly sturdy and easily withstand the trip from Tennessee to your site. It’s an amazing sight to see a Modular Resources building begin its trek from the factory to its final destination. (Come see for yourself.)

Set-up/Ribbon-Cutting: When the components arrive at your site, we have a crew there waiting to attach the buildings to the foundation (another amazing sight). Their work is finished in only a few days. Then, the facility is ready for the grand opening, ribbon cutting ceremonies and treating patients.